Importer, Supplier & Stockist of Defence, Marine Engineering Equipment, Electronics, Electrical Switchgears, Marine Safety, Navigational Aids, Admiralty Charts, Spareparts & etc in MALAYSIA

Marine Ship & Supplies was established in 2001 as a specialist supplier of spareparts to service the requirements of overseas Armed Forces, Government Departments and Agencies, Fishing vessels, Ship Owners and Civil Aviation Authorities. It started off business as a supplier solely to The Royal Malaysian Navy and the PSCI-Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd supplying general marine equipment, engine spareparts, Nautical Charts and Book of References and etc.


Many agencies require a spares service, not only for old or obselete equipment that would be serviceable if the spares could be located but also for newer equipment after the manufacturer‘s initial ‘spares package‘ has been exhausted.


MSS are able to second source many of these spares requirements and offer them at a reduced cost with better delivery schedules than the original equipment manufacturer. We utilise an in-house computer system on which we have built up a bank of information and have in-depth details of over 2,000,000 spareparts. The information held is strictly confidential and can only be accessed by employees of MSS. This has help us build an excellent reputation around the world. 


MSS identify spareparts from whichever part number is requested, whether in the form of a commercial number, military specification number, NATO stock number or the original equipment manufacturer's number. We are also a registered user to databanks and as such we have access to full data and specifications on components, both obselete and new. Hence we are in most cases able to offer direct equivalents for items that is obselete in the sure knowledge that they can be used successfully.


Through years of sincere support from clients, overseas & local suppliers, MSS has now transformed into a major supplier of marine electrical, marine electronics, marine engineering & general marine equipment, nautical charts & BR’s and spareparts to the Malaysian marine environment.


Our Quality Control Inspection System ensures that all products are correct and suitable for the customer‘s requirements before supply.


MSS now supplies to The Royal Malaysian Navy, PSC-Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Shipyard & Engineering, Vessel Owners, Fishing Vessels, International Marinas, Luxury & Leisure Yachts, Dockyards & Slipways and other companies providing marine repair services.


Our aim is to supply the correct item, at the right time, with a standard price in order that spares do not delay a vessel's routine.

Agents/Distributors Held :-
C.N.S. Systems AB - Sweden
John Lilley & Gillie Ltd
Techtest Limited
Chemplex Automotive Group

Registrations :-
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
RMN Fleet Supply Depot
Malaysia Shipyard & Engineering Sdn Bhd
PSC-Naval Dockyard Sdn Bhd
PSCND Shiprepair Sdn Bhd